Screen Door Repair

Screen Door Repair

Whether you need a screen door repair or screen door replacement, we can help. If your screen door isn’t working properly, typically by replacing the door hardware will do the trick. Our “door kits” include the handles, lock, hydraulic arm and the bug sweep on the outside of the door. It is good to replace all the hardware at once so the door will work properly.

Signs You May Need A Screen Door Repair

  • Door not closing properly – The main reason doors will not close properly is the hinges coming loose from the frame or the handle does not spring back.
  • Screen door slams at the end – The hydraulic arm may need adjusting or replacement.
  • Bugs and debris getting into the enclosure – If you are noticing debris or bugs getting in, your bug sweep (rubber piece on the bottom of the door) may need an adjustment or replacement.
  • The door becomes uneven with the enclosure due to worn-out hinges. The hinges may be causing the door to start breaking away from the frame. We can simply replace the hinges and readjust the door.
Screen Door Repair Winter Park

In addition to screen door repairs, we can also replace the entire door if necessary. Sometimes, we cannot repair doors when they have damaged kick plates or bent door frames.

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